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Teaching The Remote Spirit Release Techniques Andy Porter Pioneered With The Former Eminent Dr Terence Palmer PhD Since July 2011.

Why Train With SRA?

Our training course, proudly endorsed by the esteemed International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM), stands as a beacon of authenticity and excellence in the realm of spiritual training and education.

40 Years Experience

Andy and Jonno have over 40 years of combined experience in this field offering an unrivalled team to join and train with. Dr Terence Palmer PhD is also working closely with us from spirit.

Professional Certification

You will be trained and assessed with on-going support qualifying you in this field. This means that once certified you will have the confidence and know-how to immediately include this in your existing practice or new career venture.

A Training Course Like No Other

A unique blend of on-line and live training that will encompass real cases, whilst cementing yourself into the Remote Spirit Release community, including on-going support and development as part of our training program.

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Spiritual Hub

Creating a Spiritual Hub for Everyone.

Connecting practitioners with clients and creating a safe place with an open forum to discuss spiritual problems and topics with integrity, honesty and truth.

The spirit release academy was formed by Andy Porter and Jonno Webster in 2023. We are also working with a team of “Spirit Guides” headed up primarily by Andy’s guide “Chen” and Dr Terence Palmer (RIP) now in spirit but still playing a leading role helping to train SRT practitioners worldwide..

Andy Porter has been working in this area performing Spirit Release Techniques co-developed with Dr Terence Palmer PhD since 2011.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Spirit Release Therapy
Your Gateway to Healing and Sovereign Energy!

Welcome, Seekers Of Knowledge & Healers Of The Spirit

Welcome, seekers of knowledge and healers of the spirit! Today, we embark on a journey into the fascinating realm of Spirit Release Therapy, a profound practice that transcends the ordinary and delves into the depths of the human soul. As the Spirit Release Academy, we are thrilled to be your guides on this transformative expedition.

The Mysteries of Spirit Release Therapy

Imagine a world where the invisible threads of energy intertwine with our everyday lives, influencing our thoughts, emotions, and actions. In this world, there exists a spectrum of energies, some benevolent and uplifting, while others may be stagnant or even malevolent. Spirit Release Therapy offers us the key to unlocking the potential for healing and growth by facilitating the release of these energies that may be causing disharmony or distress.


But what exactly is Spirit Release Therapy?

At its core, it is a holistic approach to healing that acknowledges the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. It recognizes that our experiences, traumas, and unresolved emotions can linger within our energetic field, impacting our well-being on multiple levels.  When we bring into the mix curses and the disruption of possible dark force entities as well as discarnate spirit attachments, the disharmony of the soul and mental wellness can be negatively impacted in extreme measures.  Through gentle and compassionate techniques, Spirit Release Therapy aims to identify and release these energetic imprints, restoring balance and vitality to the individual.


SRT Practitioners

As practitioners of this sacred art, we understand that each person’s journey is completely unique, and so too are the methods employed in Spirit Release Therapy.
From guided visualizations and energy clearing techniques to communication with spirit guides and ancestors, the tools at our disposal are as diverse as the human experience itself.
What remains constant, however, is our unwavering commitment to healing and transformation.


But why should you consider delving into the world of Spirit Release Therapy?

The answer lies in the profound impact it can have on both individuals and communities. By addressing the root causes of emotional and spiritual distress, we can break free from patterns of suffering and open ourselves to a life filled with joy, purpose, and connection. Whether you are a seasoned therapist seeking to expand your toolkit or a curious soul embarking on a path of self-discovery, Spirit Release Therapy offers a gateway to profound healing and growth.

At the Spirit Release Academy, we are dedicated to empowering therapists from across the globe with the knowledge, skills, and support needed to facilitate meaningful change in the lives of their clients. Our comprehensive training programs blend ancient wisdom with modern techniques, providing a robust foundation for those ready to embark on this transformative journey.


So, are you ready to unlock the mysteries of Spirit Release Therapy and embark on a path of healing and discovery?

Join us at the Spirit Release Academy, where the journey begins and the possibilities are endless.

Let us be your hosts as we navigate the realms of the unseen and unlock the power of the human spirit.

Together, we can illuminate the path to healing and transformation, one soul at a time. Welcome to a world of infinite possibilities.

Welcome to the Spirit Release Academy.

What is RSR? Remote Spirit Release Therapy?

Medium, Facilitator & Spirit Guide

SRA remote spirit release therapy is a specialized form of holistic treatment, conducted by a Psychic Medium and a Facilitator. 

The Medium and Facilitator work in conjunction with a team of Spirit Guides, powerful souls that exist beyond the scope of time and space. These Spirit Guides are discarnate souls who can manipulate energies in both the astral and physical realms. It is the spirit guides that do all the difficult work of removing the astral parasites, Earthbounds, and negative entities that attach to the living and cause mental, emotional, and physical health issues.

The SRA model to perform Remote Spirit Release clearings is to have two people working together as a team, one medium, one facilitator and the mediums spirit guide.


This protocol and model provides safety for both practitioners, the facilitator is working through the RSR protocol asking questions to the medium, whilst the medium is connecting to their spirit guide asking for certain work to be carried out on their behalf for the healing of the client to the spirit guide team headed up by Andy Porter’s guide “Chen”.


How Do SRA Practitioners Clear Spiritual Problems?

The RSR Medium and Facilitator team up to work on a client.
The Facilitator then sits down with the Psychic Medium, either in person or over video feed, and asks the Medium to energetically tap into the client. Once the Medium makes a connection and can observe the etheric field of the client in question, the Facilitator then goes through a protocol of questions. The protocol of questions can vary, as it’s determined by the Facilitator, but they always ask the same general questions following exactly the RSR protocol developed by Dr Terence Palmer and Andy Porter over 10 years.

Online Spirit Release Training Courses


With more and more people throughout the world becoming increasingly sensitive to energy there is a huge demand for spiritual clearances. Now is the perfect time to build a fulfilling and rewarding career, training with a professionally recognised qualification from the Spirit Release Academy.


All of our training courses are designed to deliver a down-to-earth and adaptable approach to Spirit Release training.  Our trainers and assessors are all passionate leaders in their field with total commitment to providing the highest ethical standards.

With passionate, supportive staff, and a commitment to maintaining the highest standards, we offer students a rewarding and comprehensive learning experience whilst training with us.


Find out more to see how this qualification can enhance your working practice or how you can specialise in this rapidly growing specialist sector.

SRT Training - Study at Your Own Pace

The global corporate wellness market was worth $53.5bn in 2022.

Demand is high for certified RSR practitioners

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Enroll today on this world first "IPHM Certified" Remote Spirit Release training course for a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Understanding Spirit Release Therapy

A Journey to Healing

RSR - Remote Spirit Release Therapy

Spirit release, often referred to as spirit attachment or entity release therapy, is a fascinating field within the realm of holistic and alternative therapies. It involves the belief that spirits, entities, or negative energies can become attached to a person, causing physical, emotional, or psychological disturbances.

Spirit release is based on the belief that spirits, often thought to be disincarnate souls or energies, can become attached to individuals, causing a wide range of problems. These attachments are believed to occur for various reasons, such as trauma, addiction, negative emotions, or unresolved issues. Spirit-release practitioners, often trained in energy healing, psychology, hypnotherapy, work to identify and release these attachments to restore balance and well-being.

Generalised Methods Of Spirit Release Therapy By Different Practitioners
  1. Assessment: The process begins with an  assessment of the individual’s physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms. Practitioners use their intuition, psychic abilities, or energy-sensitive tools to identify potential attachments.

  2. Communication: In some cases, practitioners may attempt to communicate with the attached entity or spirit to understand its origin and purpose. This communication can be facilitated through meditation, channeling, or intuitive guidance.

  3. Release: Once the attached entity or energy is identified and understood, the practitioner employs various techniques to release it from the individual. These techniques may include energy clearing, guided visualization, or rituals involving symbols and incantations.

  4. Healing: After the release, the individual is typically guided through a healing process to address any residual effects of the attachment. This may involve energy healing, counseling, or other therapeutic modalities.

  5. Follow-up: Ongoing support and follow-up sessions may be necessary to ensure the individual’s continued well-being and to address any potential re-attachments.

Key Concepts in Spirit Release Therapy
  1. Entity Attachments: Entity attachments are believed to be the result of spirits, entities, or energies latching onto a person. These entities may be human or non-human and can have a wide range of intentions, from benign to malevolent.

  2. Earthbound Spirits: Some practitioners focus on helping earthbound spirits or ghosts move on to the afterlife. These spirits are believed to be stuck in the earthly realm due to unresolved issues or attachments to the living.

Benefits of Spirit Release Therapy
  1. Emotional and Mental Healing: Releasing negative attachments can lead to emotional and mental well-being, reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and trauma.

  2. Physical Health: Resolving spiritual attachments can lead to physical healing and relief from unexplained illnesses.

  3. Spiritual Growth: Spirit release can be a transformative spiritual journey, fostering personal growth, self-awareness, and a deeper connection to one’s inner self.

  4. Clearing Energies: Spirit release can help cleanse homes and spaces, creating a more positive and harmonious environment.

Spirit Release Therapy - Conclusion

Spirit release is a multifaceted approach to healing that combines spiritual, psychological, and holistic principles. While it may not be widely accepted in mainstream medical or psychological fields, it offers an alternative perspective on the interconnectedness of our physical and spiritual selves. Whether you view spirit release as a profound spiritual practice or a psychological tool, its underlying message emphasizes the importance of addressing the spiritual aspects of our well-being to achieve balance and healing in our lives.

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Our RSR Certification Program focuses on teaching students how to perform RSR sessions remotely.
The training program is entirely online via Zoom and includes video lectures, case studies, and practical exercises.

Train To Become A Fully Certified RSR Practitioner

Remote spirit release is a form of therapy that aims to release and help spirits or entities that are believed to be attached to or affecting a person’s physical, emotional, mental or spiritual well-being.

This can include ghosts, deceased loved ones, spirit attachments or entities that may have attached to a person during their lifetime or from past lives.
The therapy involves working with a trained practitioner who facilitates the release of the spirit or entity from the individual, often through guided visualization, prayer, or energy healing techniques. The goal is to help the individual feel more clear, balanced, and free from any negative influence.
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World Leaders In RSR

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Dr Terence Palmer PhD
Dr Terence Palmer PhD founder of Remote Spirit Release, (sadly deceased 2021).

Psychologist, hypnotherapist, author of "The Science Of Spirit Possession", practitioner trainer of Remote Spirit Release (RSR). Researcher of spirit possession, and auditory verbal hallucinations (AVH's) Dr Palmer was a visionary and mentor leading the world with his SRT and spirit possession research while working as an independent psychologist located in South East Kent, UK. Dr Palmer and Andy Porter developed the Remote Spirit Release techniques we use today as part of his groundbreaking work in this area.
Senior SRT Trainer - Jonno Webster
Jonno is a joint founder of the "Spirit Release Academy". Jonno Webster is a Psychic Surgeon, Trance Healer and certified IPHM Trainer. Working spiritually since 2004 and specialising in Psychic Surgery and Spirit Release with his guide "White Hawk". Together they have built an excellent reputation with a worldwide clientele. Jonno worked within Dr Palmer's original team to develop the SRT techniques we use today and can be seen demonstrating Trance/Healing, and often alongside Andy Porter.
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Assessor - Could This Be You?
We are looking for SRT practitioners to join us as working and training assessors, helping clients that are working through the course. If you are interested please get in touch.
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Terence J Palmer PhD and Andy Porter developed the Remote Spirit Release Technique We Use Whilst Working On Over 1000 Client Cases. 

We Work With The Worlds Leading Practitioners and Trainers To Ensure Your Success.

Seasoned Spirit Release Trainers

Our trainers are well known in the spirit release therapy (SRT) field and we offer well-structured training programs.

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We have online training that you can do at your own pace, also access to help and other students for support and importantly to feel part of a world wide group of very talented people in the spiritual field.

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Our courses are soon to be qualified by IPHM (International Practitioner Of Holistic Medicine) providing a nationally recognised certification.

Seasoned Professionals

Andy and Jonno have been working in the field of Spirit Release Therapy for well over 20 years, they are well seasoned professionals and will guide you through your training safely with integrity as you train along side them.


RSR training and courses for professionals and individuals interested in learning a technique, pioneered by Dr Terence Palmer and Andy Porter.


The course covers a range of topics, including psychic protection, and spiritual development, along with RSR techniques, (Remote Spirit Release).


We offer world-leading Certifications in the RSR field. We officially recognise the individual’s knowledge, skills, and competence in Remote Spirit Release Therapy, (RSR).

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SRA Logo What does It Mean?

The SRA website logo was developed by Jonno Webster.

The logo incorporates “Angelic Wings”, with “King Arthur’s Sword of Excalibur”.
This logo conveys a sense of grace, purity, truth, integrity and serenity, symbolizing divine guidance matched with angelic spiritual connections.

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On successful course completion, we can help you roll out a fully built and working website, domain name, email and calendar booking system as used by Andy & Jonno ready to go. No time is wasted with web design companies and for a fraction of the cost.

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We work with you to ensure you are successful. After care and support is part of what we do. 

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We create an environment where we work together, practitioners helping each other and offering support.

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You will be invited to join our private forum and discuss RSR-related topics with other practitioners.

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You can even offer your own courses as part of your membership to clients.

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