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Our aim is to offer comprehensive training ensuring that our students become knowledgeable, effective and confident in understanding the protocol of Remote Spirit Release and the protocol that we use.  Our courses have been designed to offer an ethical and practical path to accomplished Spirit Release Therapists and Practitioners.

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Welcome To Spirit Release Academy From Jonno and Andy

You are welcomed by your trainers, Jonno Webster and Andy Porter both of whom have over 40 years of combined experience working as trance mediums and spiritual development teachers. Both now specialise and lead the field in Spirit Release Therapy. Andy Porter was working with DR Palmer PhD and helped to pioneer the “Remote Spirit Release Technique” now practised and taught to practitioners since their meeting in July 2011. Andy and Dr Palmer PhD worked on over 1000 documented client cases as part of the research program. Jonno also joined the research team and worked alongside the former eminent DR Terence Palmer PhD who led the way with these techniques and the specialist method used for this work.

Dr Terence Palmer PhD - Bio

Dr Terence Palmer PhD is our principal, now in spirit. 

He was a psychologist, hypnotherapist and Remote Spirit Release trainer with IPHM accreditation. Dr Palmer was an active member of the Society for Psychical Research, the Scientific and Medical Network and the Royal Society of Medicine.

He was a clinician and researcher and taught Remote Spirit Release methods in the UK, North America, Mexico and Argentina.

He is the author of 
The Science of Spirit Possession which provides the scientific framework for our work, and The Tao of Natural Cycles channelled from the spirit of Lao Tzu, which provides a philosophical understanding of universal principles from a Taoist perspective.

Dr Palmer was the only psychologist in the UK with a PhD on the scientific study of spirit possession.

He was conducting research on the efficacy of the Remote Spirit Release method and is active in encouraging scientific institutions in the UK and USA to do likewise. Check out his YouTube channel for case studies, lectures and conference presentations of his work.

Dr Terence Palmer PhD


Dr Palmer was a great mentor to many who have trained and practised in remote Spirit Release Therapy.  A gentleman who for many of his years drove this modality to be the success that it is today.  He was a powerhouse of energy and determined to get his work recognised by the NHS and other medical societies.  He travelled the world promoting this protocol and is the author of “The Science of Spirit Possession and Healing the Wounded Spirit”.  He passed back to spirit in December of 2021 due to the contraction of Covid-19. We are proud to introduce Dr Terence Palmer and our team of mediums confirm his continued support and drive working from the other side of the curtain.

Dr Terence Palmer
A Medical Doctor Interviews Dr Palmer

SRT Training Course In the UK (2019).

Dr Terence Palmer PhD - SRT Presentation

Dr Terence Palmer PhD

Dr Palmer is invited by Dr Peter Fenwick to present his Spirit Release technique and research in London 2021​

RSR Training Course

Practitioner training feedback from the initial training course in Corsham, UK with Dr Palmer PhD, Andy Porter, Jonno Webster and Sandra Green.