SRA Course Roadmap

Students will start with the theory part of the course, then in parallel will work through the creation of their training portfolio.
Each student will be assigned an assessor who will help throughout the entire duration of the course.
Practise RSR sessions will be held over Zoom, and each session recorded and used as part of the students portfolio working towards course completion at the end of the training course. This is the same for all course durations except the in-person training course. 

Upon successful completion and certification, you will be an integral part of our world wide practitioner community.

You will be able to attend on-going online training sessions enabling you to enhance and finely tune your skills!

Theory Course

All SRA Courses require the student to work though the SRA theory training course as part of the RSR training journey.
This theory training works though different aspects of the spiritual arena and each lesson is closed with a quiz.

Training Assessors

Each student will be assigned an "assessor" at the start of the RSR training course. The assessor will help you to work through the RSR training course as part of your SRA journey.
They will help and support your training and will connect with you over Zoom at key points to review your progress and offer support and help as required.

Student Portfolio

The SRA students will create a portfolio as part of their training journey. A portfolio is a collection of materials and evidence that showcases the student's learning, progress, and achievements throughout the duration of their training. This portfolio serves as a comprehensive record and reflection of their educational journey, and will be used to provide evidence of the students certification.

Practise Sessions

Students will be engaged in groups during the training and will practise the RSR protocol until they are confident and happy they know how to execture this method of spirit release.