Meet the team, each practitioner has been working in the SRT field for many years and is fully certified by the Spirit Release Academy.

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In the realm of spiritual healing, the demand for authentic and skilled practitioners is paramount. 

The Spirit Release Academy (SRA) proudly presents its certified Spirit Release Practitioners, a cadre of experts equipped with the knowledge, ethics, and practical skills to guide individuals on transformative journeys toward spiritual freedom.

SRA Certified Practitioners

Meet Our Certified Practitioners

We aim to transform the SRT field, creating a safe place to work with fully certified and competent practitioners working with integrity and honesty. 

The SRA Method Incorporates Two Roles:

SRA-M – Medium
(Medium In Communication With Their Spirit Guide)

SRA-F – Facilitator
(Works Through The SRA Protocol Asking The Medium Questions)

Co-Founder / Senior SRT Trainer / Practitioner

Andy Porter-SRA

Andy & Jonno co-founded SRA in 2023.

Andy works as an International Psychic Surgeon, Remote Spirit Release Practitioner,  IPHM Certified Trainer and Therapist.

Andy works with his spirit guide “Chen”.


Andy had been working with the eminent Dr Terence Palmer PhD since 2011 researching how spiritual problems like spirit possession affect people.

Dr Terence Palmer PhD, Andy and Andy’s spirit guide “Chen” found a way to resolve those problems by implementing a new SRT clearing protocol which they developed together while working on over 1500 client cases and this is the protocol we now teach today under the SRA banner.

Jonno 1
Co-Founder / Senior SRT Trainer / Practitioner

Jonno Webster-SRA

Jonno & Andy co-founded SRA in 2023.

Jonno Webster is a Psychic Surgeon, Trance Healer and certified IPHM Trainer.

Working spiritually since 2004 and specialising in Psychic Surgery and Spirit Release with his guide “White Hawk”.

Together they have built an excellent reputation with a worldwide clientele. Jonno worked within Dr Palmer’s original team to develop the SRT techniques we use today and can be seen demonstrating Trance/Healing, often alongside Andy Porter.

Certified Practitioner / Senior Assessor

Natasha Parvin-SRA-F

Natasha is a Shamanic Healer, Quantum Hypnosis Practitioner, IPHM Certified and Practitioner of Remote Spirit Release. She began working with Dr Palmer and his Team in 2019.

As a Facilitator, she works closely with her Spirit Guides to ensure the safety and connection of the working Team.

Her quest for knowledge and endless curiosity drives her to continue pushing forward the advancement of SRT for the benefit of students and clients. She prioritizes integrity and quality in her work, ensuring that everyone involved receives the best possible outcomes.

Natasha’s goal is to promote freedom and sovereignty for all, as we dream our world into being.

Certified Practitioner / Senior Assessor

Tara Abele-SRA-M

Tara Abele, IPHM, M.Ed., is an experienced energy practitioner, combining her experience, education, and intuitive skills to help her clients create new space and revolutionize their lives.

She is a mediumistic Remote Spirit Release practitioner, as taught by Dr. Palmer in 2019, and both a Quantum Healing and classically trained Hypnotist.

Tara has a deep understanding of the spirit world, connection with the angelic, and with the help of her capable guides is able to offer spirit releasement therapy. She is also able to assist her clients resolve past issues, and look into previous incarnations. Tara has an innate ability to bring clarity and healing to any problematic issue, creating expansion, resulting in a life of greater quality and pleasure.

Assiting others is her mission and passion.

Certified Practitioner / Assessor

Ruth Maxwell-SRA-M

Ruth joined the spirit release academy in 2024 as a RSR practitioner coming in with the mediumistic role and learning further to be an assessor 
Ruth has a background of healing where she is  trained and attuned as a rahanni practitioner and also a reiki master, Ruth loves being able to have the knowledge and ability to help and heal individuals.
Ruth has worked in mental health for many years and has been a mental health first aider, she currently works within a school for children with alternative needs.
Ruth expands her spiritual knowledge by attending spiritual development classes and taking mediumship courses, she is looking forward to working with her guides to help bring peace, clarity and healing to her clients lives.
Dave Profile Picture
Certified Practitioner / Assessor

Dave Morley-SRA-M

Dave joined the Spirit Release Academy in 2024 as a Mediumistic Remote Spirit Release Practitioner.

He is also an experienced healer who studied Trance Healing with Jonno in 2015 and is a member of the UK Reiki Federation as a Reiki Master.

Dave is also expanding his knowledge intending to add Shamanic Healing to his arsenal of modalities.

Working closely with his guides, they aim to restore his client’s balance, health and peace.

Certified Practitioner

Mihaela Theodorou-SRA-F


In 2024, Mihaela embarked on her journey with the Spirit Release Academy, taking on the role of a facilitator.

Her qualifications include being a Board Certified Biofeedback Specialist, a Certified Sound Healing Practitioner, a Phytotherapist, a Nutritionist, and a Colon-hydrotherapist. She is rapidly advancing towards earning her master’s and PhD in Natural and Integrative Medicine.

Possessing a compassionate heart and a deep insight into the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, Mihaela is dedicated to fostering holistic transformations. She is committed to converting negativity into positivity, inertia into creativity, and the mundane into the extraordinary.

“Let’s heal the world one soul at a time,” Mihaela’s guiding principle, reflects her intense commitment to positively impacting the world.

Certified Practitioner

Elise Fitchett - SRA - F

WhatsApp Image 2024-06-25 at 11.10.37

Elise is a Spiritual Coach and Spirit Release Therapy Practitioner and specialises in helping walk women through spiritual experiences and awakening. Through teaching meditation and mindfulness techniques, Elise takes her clients within to discover their true connection to their authentic self and shows them what it takes to remain grounded and spiritually protected in a changing world. Focused on empowering others through heart-centered healing.    

Certified Practitioner

Lara Starr-SRA-F

Lara Starr is a quantum hypnotist, spiritual mentor, and social media educator. She joined the Spirit Release Academy in 2024 as a facilitator and public speaker.

Lara spent over 14 years backpacking around the world. She has always been passionate about furthering her education as well as volunteering her time. She did archaeological studies, helped endangered animals, co-ran an eco-village, volunteered in many impoverished communities, and worked as an apprentice under many world-renowned teachers.  

Lara joined the Spirit Release Academy because she is passionate about inspiring positive changes in society as well as helping people overcome life’s most difficult obstacles. She puts a great deal of time and effort into ensuring her clients get the help and support they need, before and after their RSR sessions.

Her main mission is to help people find healing, knowledge, and self-empowerment.

Certified Practitioner

Stacie Carter-SRA-F

“Stacie followed her passion for helping people and joined the Spirit Release Academy in 2024 as a Certified Facilitator.
Stacie has worked as a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist since 2011.  Over the last 13 years, it was throughout her own healing journey that she trained in many different modalities and wants to share those methods with others to assist them in their healing.  It is with an open heart that Stacie is able to intuitively tune in and deliver what may be most beneficial in each individual journey.
She is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Holy Fire Reiki and Shamanic Practitioner, and Transforming Touch Therapist. She also has training in Yoga and Meditation, the Mind and Body Connection, and Ayurvedic Medicine.
It is one of her life missions, to provide a safe space for others to feel comfortable letting go of what isn’t serving them and assist them in stepping into their True Essence.”
Certified Practitioner

Alison Hendricks -SRA-F


“Hi, I’m Alison, a unique and multi-faceted individual with a passion for growth, learning, and exploration.

With a curious mind and an open heart, I embrace new experiences and perspectives that help shape my understanding of the world.

Professionally, I bring a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies from WKU, Reiki Level II Certification, and over 16 years of experience in the service industry, including working intake at a regional mental hospital. I am committed to excellence and strive to make a positive impact.

My hobbies include yoga, nature photography, reading, writing poetry, travelling and astronomy. I’m excited to connect with others to further others and my education and to help people move from surviving to thriving.”

Certified Practitioner / Assessor

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