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Dear Friends, 

We are thrilled to share with you the exciting news of our upcoming “in-person” course for the Remote Spirit Release, hosted by none other than Andy, Jonno, and the esteemed Spirit Release Academy team. 

Mark your calendars because we have secured EXCLUSIVE USE of the beautiful Beechfield House Hotel in Wiltshire, UK from the 13th to the 17th of May 2024.

And that’s not all – we’ve also arranged a special DISCOUNT CODE for all attendees who wish to stay at this prestigious hotel. 

But hurry! Spaces are limited, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on this incredible opportunity. 

Over the course of five enriching days, you’ll be learning directly from Jonno and Andy, who bring with them a combined 40 years of experience in teaching the safe and enjoyable methods of working within this exclusive spiritual sector. They’ll share invaluable insights, practical tips, and expert advice while guiding you through real-life case studies using the Remote Spirit Release protocol developed in collaboration with Dr Terence Palmer PhD over an 11-year period. 

This course is not just limited to working mediums and healers; it’s open to psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, and holistic practitioners alike. 


To learn more about this exciting opportunity, please visit our website: 


Ready to take the next step?
Apply now to secure your spot in the “In-Person” course by sending us an initial email confirming your interest. Once we receive your confirmation, you’ll enter our application process, where you’ll discover exactly what’s required from you and what we’ll be teaching. And as a special bonus, we’ll share the Discount Code for the hotel, ensuring you’re fully informed of all costs before embarking on this thrilling journey with us. 

Quote from a student 2023. 

“This course has made me feel confident, powerful, energised and overwhelmed, many different emotions.  Both Andy and Jonno delivered the course so well with confidence and great guidance.  They answered all questions and gave answers from the heart.”

Got questions?
We’re here to help! Simply shoot us an email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

For those of you interested in our “online” course, rest assured that Andy and Jonno are hard at work behind the scenes to finalize the details. Stay tuned for more information coming your way in the coming weeks! 


Wishing you all peace and gratitude, 

The Spirit Release Academy Team