Psychic Protection

On this page, you will find useful advice on how to keep yourself safe and protected from negative spiritual influences.

Be sure to put these protocols into practice and use them every day. It is also wise to remember that negative spirit entities are attracted to us because of the energy we transmit. It’s like having a beacon that says, ‘look at me, I am helpless, come and get me’. The real trick is to let go of your fear. If you have no fear nothing of a spiritual nature can harm you. Raise the frequency of your vibration and replace fear with joy. Do things that please you. Go out into the country and enjoy sunshine and nature. Listen to birds singing and hear the buzz of bees around flowers. All these things will lift your emotional frequency from low to high.

These are simple things to do, but they can be very effective. Replace fear with joy and love (not physical love or sex). Love the world and yourself and all will be well. When you are able to do this then you have the power to reject anything negative that comes your way.

We can only remove those entities that are attracted to you. If you repel them with your own positive energy then there is nothing for us to do.

Try it. Be brave. Be fearless. Fill your heart with love. Go to a favoured place of worship or sacred place if it helps.

Psychic Protection and Self-Help Advice

Just as our clothing offers us protection from the elements like rain and wind and our immune system protects us from invasive diseases, our Aura performs the same function but on a spiritual basis.

The human aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds our physical body and operates through a range of vibrating energy frequencies. This topic is complex and we could discuss the aura at length but for the purpose of understanding psychic protection suffice it to say that to protect ourselves from unseen psychic energies that exist in the universe the human aura is our shield and the first line of defence. If the aura is working to its best potential then the protection it offers us is adequate. However, should the aura become weakened then we are susceptible to attack from other negative energies that do exist beyond the physical dimensions of time and space that the physical sciences are not yet able to acknowledge.

The aura is naturally strong and in normal circumstances does not need to be looked after or strengthened but under certain conditions, it can become weaker. A full aura extends outwards from the physical body in an egg-like shape and extends outwards beyond the limits of the protective skin.

The picture at the top of this page shows a visual representation of the electromagnetic field now commonly known as the Human Aura.

How can I strengthen my aura?

The aura can be strengthened by leading a lifestyle that works in harmony with the physical body.  Here are some useful tips on how to maintain and strengthen the aura:


      • Drink plenty of clear fresh water.

      • Exercise opens the airways and promotes the flow of oxygen in the blood also helping cellular reconstruction.

      • The thoughts you think have more power over you than most people are aware of. It is essential to gain control of your mind and train yourself to think only positive thoughts. Meditation and Mindfulness are excellent techniques to learn for maintaining healthy thoughts.

      • Sea salt is essential, bathing in it and sprinkling it around your house and bed seems to offer additional spiritual protection. Daily use of sea salt baths or showers helps to remove negative contaminants from the Aura.

    What will affect my aura negatively?

    The Aura can be weakened by leading a lifestyle that deteriorates the physical health of the individual. Some of the main problems are listed below but basically anything you do that makes you feel tired and ill will affect your Aura:


        • Emotional stress will put a heavy burden on the immune system and this in turn will cause the health of the physical body to deteriorate. Emotions such as guilt, fear, hate, greed, and resentment if experienced strongly will start to cause perforations in your auric field.

        • Drug use also causes perforations in your auric protection and also opens your etheric body to other dimensions. (This can also include some strong prescription drugs).

        • Excessive alcohol intake will shrink your aura.

        • Excessive smoking also has the same effect on your aura.

        • In general the poorer the health of the individual then the weaker the aura, and the more diminished the auric protection provided.

        • Hospital surgery that involves full anaesthetic can alter the etheric protection and cause perforations of the aura. Whilst surgery is underway your spiritual body can be opened up and susceptible to different forms of psychic attack. Ideally, psychic protection needs to be employed before such surgery if possible.
          The Human Aura in SummaryThe human aura is our vital defence against other energies that exist beyond time and space that we cannot see with our eyes. Years ago humans thought the world was flat and if you suggested otherwise you would have been ridiculed by science and the general public at large. But today we know that science has caught up and the world is indeed round. We laugh at our forefathers for thinking it could ever possibly have been flat. This holds true for the unseen worlds that currently exist, science has yet to catch up and provide us with a measure of these new inter-dimensional worlds. At some point coming soon, science will discover that we are not alone and in fact, other energies have existed on this planet well before we appeared in human form. At some point in the future, our children and grandchildren will laugh at us for thinking the whole we are the only living entity on this planet let alone all the others in the many solar systems! It is expected that the Hadron-Collider near Switzerland will address some of the most fundamental questions of physics, advancing humanity’s understanding of the deepest laws of nature. But until that as yet undiscovered information comes into our common awareness we remain resolutely naive as to our position as human beings in the galactic soup and very unaware as to how important our auric protection is to keep us from harm. One day we will teach our children that meditation and auric protection are more important than the latest soap on TV, or the football results. Everyone is happy to invest many hours of their time to watch but is unable to find time for spiritual practices that don’t seem to offer any tangible results.

      Your aura is probably more important to our well-being than most people currently realise.

      The Aura

      The image below shows an example of two different auras, one is healthy and the other is not.

      The left-hand image shows a perforated and depleted aura offering little spiritual protection.

      The right-hand image shows a full healthy protective aura.

      For a discussion and advice on how to protect and strengthen the Aura watch this video recording.

      Psychic Self Defense

      Dr Palmer talks with Jeffery Mishlove