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Setup By The Former Eminent Dr Terence Palmer PhD 

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Reputation, Experience, Certification, Support and Ethics.
We cover all of these key areas.

Terence J Palmer PhD and Andy Porter developed the Remote Spirit Release Technique We Use Whilst Working On Well Over 1000 Client Cases.

Our spiritual health is as important if not more important than our physical health and very difficult to review unless we have psychic abilities or access to a “spiritual medium” that can see our etheric field.

Once the etheric field has been cleared of any negativity, health problems dissipate and full spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health return.
Most clients report that after a Spiritual Health Check, they have never felt so mentally peaceful and calm. Anxiety and depression can lift within a few days, and positive thoughts return.

Seasoned Spirit Release Practitioners

Our practitioners are well known in the SRT field and come with years of knowledge and experience.

Enjoy Feeling Emotionally Calm, Sovereign and Happy.

Remote spiritual clearing involves clearing many different layers of negativity, rather like peeling back layers of an onion. As these negative layers and vibrations are cleared from your etheric field you are left feeling calm, centred, sovereign and peaceful.

Extensive Training Program

Our certified practitioners are qualified by IPHM providing a nationally recognised certification. We have the best talent in the spiritual field providing SRT clearings and to certify as an SRA practitioner students have invested well over 70 hours in structured theory and live case training.

Andy Porter

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