On-line Level 2 Trance

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But what happens when you have experienced the first levels and you wish to take it on again and delve deeper?

In this course we do just that. We work on our ego again. We work on the connection again. We allow our guides to lead us to deeper levels of controlled consciousness whilst in a safe, relaxed and non-judgemental environment.

More time is allocated due to the feedback of the level 1 course for you to experience the blend and foresee the work that the guide/s are offering you. Please allow 2 hours per session.

I will of course be on hand to help; guide and I have no doubt that White Hawk will make himself known again as he’s here with me now as I write this. He too is looking forward to working with you again.

The course will again take part in six sessions and the dates are as follows:
September 13th & 27th
October 11th & 25th
November 15th and 29th

All sessions will start promptly at 7:30pm (GMT) and we in the UK are just about to have our time put forward by 1 hour due to the British Summer Time change).

Payment and Payment Options
The whole course – £180.00 with payment to be received prior to the course start date.

Monthly Payment – £80 paid by the 5th of September, £50 October and £50 November.

Full Package – £220.00 paid in full.
(this includes a one-to-one session with Jonno and the six sessions with payment made prior to the course)

Payment secures your place and payments are non-refundable. Places are limited as I do not work in large groups keeping the environment small and more personal.

Workshop 1 – Intro
Free access to the side running level 1 course

Optional: Practitioner Certification? This is NOT compulsory.

Along with this course, you will have the opportunity to gain a Practitioner Level Certification. If this does not appeal to you then just enjoy the course as this is not essential.

To do this, you will be required to:
·  Record each of our sessions
·  Make notes on each session (written or voice recorded) that shows your experiences and progression.
·  Meet with others on the course (outside of course time which can be arranged on our Facebook page) and practise your developing skills
·  Supply THREE CASE studies with feedback where you used these skills in a working practice. This could be as a healer, whilst giving mediumship readings, transfiguration or with direct voice and inspirational talking.
The cost for assessment and the certification is just £50.00 payable upon a successful assessment.

This certification will give you the opportunity to be insured so that can bring Trance into your line of work.

Workshop 1.
⦁ Introduction and explanation of this level
⦁ Just like level 1 – this is about being honest and working with no ego. Hard to do though right!
⦁ Discipline of Trance – sitting – no names – no touching!
⦁ Meditations – you will need to be comfortable and have water.
⦁ Expectations from me and you. I expect that you have a level of understanding and a keenness to improve….I expect nothing else.
Your expectations of me are that I will provide a safe place for you to work, connect to your guides in a safe and controlled manner. I will be able to help if you have difficulties and I will answer all questions honestly.
⦁ Sitting within the power – get to know you! “Sitting within the Power”.
⦁ In level 1, we concentrated on the blend! Not the result!! This level we look to see if we can work towards that result.
⦁ We will be looking at deep mediation bringing in the guides. And we will be getting used to the stillness of the meditation. White Hawk – It’s in the silence where we learn our deepest teachings.
⦁ I will also bring into the sessions a couple of names that are important in Trance Mediumship.

Workshop 2
⦁ Recap from workshop 1
⦁ Deep mediation sitting in the silence – the silence is where the lessons and learnt.
⦁ Deeper Trance Meditation.
⦁ Direct Voice – words and their meanings.
⦁ A further look at Trance healing

Workshop 3
⦁ Recap from workshop 3
⦁ Deep meditation yo-yoing bring in the guides.
⦁ Philosophy

Workshop 4
⦁ Recap from workshop 3
⦁ Deep meditation
⦁ Trance Healing and Psychic Surgery
⦁ Look at Transfiguration

Workshop 5
⦁ Recap from workshop 4
⦁ Begin to let the mediums take control of their conscious levels and connection to the guides.
⦁ Work with Direct Voice
⦁ Discuss the role of the Circle Leader and the responsibilities they take on.
⦁ Explain in more depth the role of being sitter
⦁ Discuss the pressures of a Physical Medium. It’s far better to open your eyes and explain that you are struggling than to allow yourself to adhere to pressure.
⦁ Recap on certification
⦁ Encourage practice

Workshop 6
⦁ Recap from Workshop 5
⦁ Sit in the silence and build the power.
⦁ Explain the sitter/circle leader. What are the responsibilities of the Circle Leader – watch – listen – control. Bring the medium back. And control the timings to the minute.
⦁ Direct voice and Philosophy and healing.
⦁ Certification
⦁ Put together a portfolio that includes notes of your training sessions

Your portfolio will provide evidence to me of competence and confidence.